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Welcome to the Digital Machinist!

Village Press is proud to present the new digital-format demo issue of Digital Machinist. Click here to learn more!

Digital Machinist strives to be the greatest source of information and ideas for the hobby CNC user! On this site, you will find the Coming Soon section that will give an overview of each upcoming issue, a link to our bulletin board, and a fantastic Downloads center, which contains digital versions of G-code published in Digital Machinist! A must see!

Digital Machinist magazine was founded in 2006 following the amazing success of an all CNC, digital machining Special Issue presented by our parent magazine, The Home Shop Machinist. The Special Issue stirred a lot of interest, and thus Digital Machinist was formed. Digital Machinist includes articles on the basics of programming G-code, various CNC hobby projects, CNC retrofits, robotics, CNC techniques, and much, much more. We also feature The Mechatronist, a column by Weston Bye, in which Wes brings years of experience in the modeling and prototyping field.

To receive a no obligation issue of Digital Machinist, please click on the Starburst on this page. A single year (4 issues) of Digital Machinist is only $19.95 (US), $27.95 (Canada), $29.95 (others), so subscribe today!