Spring 2015 Issue

//Spring 2015 Issue

Spring 2015 Issue

Volume 10, Issue 1


Feature Articles

Arduinos in the Shop: Building a Shop Dust Gauge – Part 1

by Gary Liming

Do you know just how dusty your shop really is? Is the dust collector really doing anything? Gary Liming sets out to answer these questions and discovers an affordable and effective method for measuring the air quality of his shop. Follow along as he details his efforts in using an Arduino for data logging.

Printing a New Front Sight

by Lee D. Wallis

When Lee Wallis has trouble obtaining a replacement part for his historic replica pistol, he turns to his 3D printer to produce a prototype.

Sinusoidal Quadrature

by David Bowling

When repurposing equipment, one of the biggest challenges is getting it to interface properly with your existing system. David Bowling finds a solution when the encoders on his “new” fourth/fifth axis prove to be a challenge to integrate.

Old Fashioned Fun Using New Era Tools – A Simple Project for your CNC

by Tom Holderer

The title says it all. Tom Holderer uses his CNC mill to create a fun toy for his grandchildren. Be sure to check out this feature to discover how Tom expanded the capabilities of his CNC mill by using it for a little woodworking.

2014 Article Index

The Spring issue contains an index of all the articles and authors published the previous year.


Along the G-Code Way: 3D Printed Chain Mail

by Ed Nisley

Ed Nisley uses a 3D printer to produce the impossible: a flexible sheet of interlocking rings without joints or splices. Wonder how he does it? Don’t miss this fascinating explanation of the methods and considerations required for producing a sheet of chain mail.

The Mechatronist: Geneva Hours – Part Four

by Weston Bye

We continue the clock-making adventure with Weston Bye in this fourth and final installment of the project. He presents a solution to the jamming problem introduced in Part Three and shares a valuable lesson he learned once the clock was completed.

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