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Digital Machinist – the “new” title in the Village Press metalworking lineup!

About Our Magazine Digital Machinist, it began in 2006, as a spin-off of the popular
column by Roland Friestad, “Computers in the Shop,” found in our publication, The Home Shop Machinist. With the increasing popularity of CNC machines for the home shop, our “digital” content quickly outgrew its home and Digital Machinist was born.

Since its inception, the home CNC hobby has grown and the magazine has been right there, following  new developments and keeping the readers informed on the latest products and machinery.

It’s not just CNC, though! Our readers and authors are a diverse crowd and our articles reflect this fact. 3D printing has found its way into the home shop and you’ll find articles by our columnist Ed Nisley and others covering the many aspects of this technology.

Our columnist Weston Bye details a number of interesting projects every issue; from his popular Magnetic Clock to the very clever Electronic Threading accessory he designed for his Sherline lathe. Not only are Weston’s projects of interest, but he goes to great lengths to design in a way that allows even those with limited shop equipment the ability to complete the project.

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