Digital Machinist CNC Workshop 2011

//Digital Machinist CNC Workshop 2011

Digital Machinist CNC Workshop 2011


The second annual Digital Machinist CNC Workshop proveEDMd to be a hit, with 154 people attending. Several people showed up with exhibits and I hope to increase the number of exhibitors for the next show. If you have something you would like to show, just let me know in advance and I’ll make arrangements to accommodate you and your projects.

One crowd pleasing exhibit was Ben Fleming’s homebuilt EDM (Photos 1 and 2). Ben’s talks on his EDM were also enjoyed by many and a number of people left with plans for their own. Ben is hoping to return next year and if you’ve ever been interested in a home shop EDM, he’s the guy to talk to.


The new building we used at Washtenaw Community College worked out well and allowed us to schedule almost all of the seminars under one roof, saving the long distance hikes that were part of the first year. It looks like next year’s event will be held in the same location, though the long term goal is to move into the Industrial Technology building when its expansion is completed.

2The full week schedule has proven to be difficult for some of the vendors and attendees and we are re-working next year’s schedule to make things a little easier for everyone. The event will run from Thursday, June 21 through Saturday, June 23. Wednesday will be a setup day for the vendors and may also be used for any build classes or vendor activities that require more than three days.

Thanks to all the people that made the show a success and a special thanks to Tom Penird at Washtenaw for his tireless efforts in making it all happen.

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